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Lake of Constance cycle track

The Lake of Constance cycle track is one of the favorite cycle track of Europe. Once on this trip you cycle all around the lake, get to know three countries and three islands (Mainau, Lindau and Werd) and visit the biggest waterfall of Europe. You load mercurial cities and dreamy villages in magnificent landscape one in order to stay and enjoying. The lake of Bodensee round trip has in length of 260 km. And at every season has the bicycle round trip his attractions whether in the spring the nice smelling fruit plantations and meadows with theirs a lot of flowers, in summer one can take naturally provided that it hungry a bath in the lake, and the view of the surrounding mountains is the best naturally in autumn. It is almost no considerable upward gradients are to be mastered in the Lake of Constance cycle track, only on the section after the island of Mainau on the Bodanr├╝ck, but also this is no problem. Apart from that the cycle track almost always just runs.

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Three generations, one passion - The bicycle
Over the past three decades, the bike shop Drissner has undergone a series of changes. From the traditional Bregenzerwald house into a modern contemporary architectural building in the now as then arise with dedication bicycles. With over 1000 square meters of exhibition space, our company is one of the largest pure bike specialist companies throughout Austria.