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Pension in Meersburg Am Hafen

Am Hafen (Meersburg) tv set internet wlan

house description:
Our house lies centrally, in the heart of the Meersburger Old Town, in a traffic-calmed side lane, only 20 metres of lake and harbour remotely.
pricing conditions:
EZ from 64 €, DZ from 90 €, 3 bed from 155 € per night.

booking request
min. price: 90.00 €
categorisation: -
beds: 18
journey description:
Go on the B31 in the direction of sea castle, follow the signpost untercity / ferry and turn then below in the lake in the Old Town to the left. Our house befindt to itself in the third side lane, on the right.

tv set, internet wlan.
Am Hafen
Olaf Jakopic
Spitalgasse 3+4
88709 Meersburg
phone: 07532 7069
fax: 07532 7789
email: send inquiry