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Holiday flat in Konstanz Ferienwohnungen Zum grünen Lindenbaum

Ferienwohnungen Zum grünen Lindenbaum (Konstanz) garage tv set internet wlan

house description:
Our four apartments are located in two adjacent houses in the old town of Constance, which is part of a medieval house ensembles from the 14th JHD. form. For many, the Constance Zollernstrasse is the most beautiful street of the old town.
pricing conditions:
Apartment Z3 from 63 € Z5.A from 68 - € Z5.B from 58 - € All prices and performance and the current allocation plan can be found on our website.

booking request
Holiday flat
min. price: 63.00 €
categorisation: ***
beds: 8
journey description:

garage, tv set, internet wlan.
Ferienwohnungen Zum grünen Lindenbaum
Florence Gersie
Zollernstrasse 3
78462 Konstanz
phone: 07531 26988
email: send inquiry